Five reasons of using PANTONE in printing process

Release Time: 2017-01-16 16:56:01 Author:Vicky

Color Matching System (PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM) is a color communication system which covers the field of printing, textiles, plastics, graphics, digital technology. It has become an international standard color language, providing a fast and convenient color scheme and standards for the printing and ink industry enterprises.

The benefits of using PANTONE Color Card in soft packaging manufacturer:

1. Make simple in color communication and expression
Customers from anywhere in world simply specify a PANTONE color number, we just check it on the PANTONE color card, then can find the desired color and produced products according to customers’ requirements.

2. Ensure the color consistent in each printing
Whether it is printed multiple times in the same manufactory, or printed a same spot color in different manufactory, the colors can be consistent, no big deviation. 

3. Numerous of different options
Over 1000 spot colors allow designers to have enough different selection. In fact, designers usually used only a small part of spot colors in the PANTONE color card.

4. Eliminate the color mixing trouble
The ink manufacturers can mix and match the spot color professionally according to the PANTONE card, so the printing plants no need to mix the color by themselves.

5. Pure color, bright and good saturation
All the color samples in PANTONE color matching system are produced by NJ Carlstadt in their own factories, which ensures PANTONE color sample exactly the same from worldwide release.

PANTONE color matching system is an essential and important tool for international trade. PANTONE spot color formula guide, PANTONE standard color card (coated / uncoated) is the core of PANTONE Matching System.