Printing color and cylinder charge

Release Time: 2018-05-17 15:48:20 Author:Vicky

Many clients usually can not understand the printing colors and plate charges, while purchasing the packaging bags,

And don’t know how to calculate the printing plate charges.So, in order to reduce the printing risk and effectively control the cost, 

we must understand the effect of printing colors on the plate charges

1、Difference Between Spot Color And CMYK Four-color Printing

CMYK Four-color Printing: {Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black(Key Plate)}

Rely on four-color ink overlay each other to produce color, means the color image must through four different colors system of dots together (C, M, Y, K)

usually the color images (not including one or two solid colors image) all can be mixed by four-color printing, suitable for printing complex color packaging bags,

CMYK ink has transparency, so some light-colored need to spot color printing, such as white color, if not, the white will become dirty, not pure. That’s why supplier will tell you that you will have to pay five plate charges, if your CMYK design with one white color.

Spot Color & CMYK Mixed Printing: In your design printing file, including the spot color process and the CMYK four-color printing process.

2、How To Calculate The Plate Charges Of Printing Colors?

Spot Color Plate Charges: one color, one plate charges, if the design is composed of 6 kinds of Pantone color, then total plate charge is $100*6=$600

CMYK’s Plate Charges: no matter how complex of the design file colors , as long as it is CMYK color printing, usually calculated as 4 colors plate charges, then total charge is $100*4=$400

CMYK & Spot Color Mixed Printing Plate Charges: if your design contains a high-definition CMYK picture, and gold, white 2 colors. Then total plate charges is $100*6=$600

The above 3 cases are the standard model for calculating the plate charges, can be applied to the most packaging bags printing.

But in order to control the order costs better, maximize profits.

Customers will need to know more about the application of print color and plate charges, and more production details.